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Written by Simon Lumley   
Wednesday, 05 October 2016 09:08

Longmynd Hike 2017 - The 50th Longmynd Hike


The 2017 Longmynd Hike took place over the weekend of the 7th and 8th October. Lists of winners (both individual and teams) are now available.


A number of hikers have given us feedback which is published below.


Dan Cox [20:22]
This was my first time attempting the hike and I have to say it was amazing experience. I managed to get round it, loved the atmosphere and camaraderie between everyone. The volunteers were fun and supportive at each checkpoint and really helped to make it something special. I wasn't saying this three days ago as my legs were i too much pain, but I would definitely liketo take part again.

Graham Butler [20:22]
Well, this one was my toughest yet. A bad cold plus wet and muddy conditions were against me; added to which were a few extra pounds of weight (on the belly not in the rucksack unfortunately!) and a few less practices in the legs, all resulting in a slower finishing time than I am accustomed to. A dark mood descended, post shower soaking, coming down to Coates and I was miffed that once at Bridges selective grouping was underway. Why so early – ‘tis a challenge Hike after all?!. Soon, Stiperstones loomed large and I was low on enthusiasm and thinking that a pint and a curry might be the way to go. Resolving that I probably might not be able to live with that decision, I plodded on into the darkness to probable, nay certain death. Unsurprisingly though, 1 gallon of Lucozade and numerous toffee crisp bars later, I had perked up and began to enjoy myself albeit in an erratic sugar high fashion. One new revelation to share with fellow hikers is to ensure you pair up with team mates with the same name as yourself. For one, the names are easier to remember despite the distraction of fatigue, despair etc. and satisfyingly, I found myself egging myself on and giving myself compliments on how well he (I) was doing. This positive ‘self-speak’ seemed to work its magic. I recognise of course, that in certain circumstances this could backfire somewhat! But on this occasion, thanks Graham you were great, what an athlete, almost fell runner material!. Back for my 9th next year, slimmer, faster and with a whole team of Grahams!

Phil Winfield [23:27]
Amazing and great time had, such a positive experience from all that put so much into this event. Sadly my knee pain means I'm probably not built for this and might not be able to repeat but I'm so glad I had the chance to do the 50th. My only feedback would be it would be great to have the odd savoury snack option - one chap had some party sausages and some little pork pies which were fantastic after rather a worrying amount of sugary goodies!

Simon Banks and Juliet Hoad [both 18:20]
This was our first Longmynd Hike and we want to congratulate you all on running such a fantastic event. The support and encouragement from your team as we went through the checkpoints was very welcome, especially in the last part of the hike when the encouragement played a great part in getting us to the finish

Without exception all the support people we met were cheerful, positive and helpful. We couldn't have asked for more. The hot drinks and biscuits were much appreciated in the middle of the night

Please pass our thanks on to everyone involved and we will be back next year

Many thanks and best wishes

Ian Latham [17:19]
On only my second Long Mynd Hike I had the honour of joining the legend that is Terry Davies, his wife Angie, and Anthony Marston. We walked as a four from Bank Farm to the finish. To those old hands it was just a nice stroll, but for me I took 1 hour 40 off last years time and I was very pleased with that. I am particularly grateful for their patience when I hit "the wall " at the bottom of Ragleth. The organisation of the event is outstanding. I also liked the merchandise for the 50th. Between the volunteers and participants it is a whole bunch of crazy people getting together for another year of madness and it is great to be part of it. My legs have now recovered and I look forward to enrolment day again next year.

Eric Hanna [14:58]
A fab friendly event from check in to the finish. It's one of those things you don't really enjoy until after it. Credit to all the people involved in the organisation and running of the event without whom we couldn't do this.
Just one comment to those fellow participants who use poles in the very early stages of the event, remember there are people trying to get past you with out being poked by them.

Alan and Joanne Dean [both 14:58]
A rare Saturday night out together for us two, but couldn’t have enjoyed our date night any more.
I’ve done the hike a fair few times, Jo just once before. Best atmosphere all-round for the event I’ve ever experienced.
It really doesn’t seem to make any difference on my pace, Woodgate always have their fish and chips delivered as I arrive (That’s just mean!), but well deserved by them. We must say thank you for the lovely homemade cakes and snacks (special mention for the rice pudding, a proper treat).
Enjoyed the new route up Black Radley (never been up there before), don’t miss the road! Although it threw us to see the checkpoint up to our left, disorientated. Had a great group who even managed a sprint finish to make the sub 15 hours.
High point(s) – Seeing the kids in Habberley. (and the rice pudding).
Low (but not too low) point – The rain (Whilst going over Stippers).
Shame we couldn’t have pre ordered some hoodies beforehand, they were sold out in our sizes when we arrived at 11.
A massive thanks to the people who make this happen, you’re ace!

Dave Wilkinson [21:24]
I have to start this message with a thank you to all the volunteers that helped the competitors on the course. The staff in the kitchens, kit check, registration; check points, sweep teams (and Bo Peep) and all the others were friendly, helpful and encouraging. The people who I didn’t see but I know that helped; the people managing the website, those who talked with land owners and agreed access, and those that arranged all the behind the scenes stuff that made the hike work also deserve a huge thank you. The wrist tally’s worked well, the whooshing noise was very motivational in the early hours of the morning. I was unaware that my progress around the hike could have been followed by my family via a website, was this clearly advertised?(not well advertised for 2017, a learning point for me for the 2018 event - the Webmaster)

Improvements for next year; apart from a couple of dodgy stiles then nothing seems to need to change. Make the Ragleth easier to climb?
Thank you to you all.

Tony Francis
Little did I think my last hike would result in my first ever failure in many years,but time is catching up on me; despite efforts of Bo-Peep sweep team there was no one to group with at Bank Farm every one going fast, but you know the rules. May I send my thanks to Bo-peep team all marshalls checkpoint staff and kitchen staff for support and good natured banter over the years, also the many hikers and friends I have walked with over many years. I have many memories of previous hikes especially Black Rhadley caravan with Ballroom Dancers, Witches, Star Trek etc it certainly lifted spirits for climb back up The Mynd. May I wish the Hike all success for the next 50 years, long may it continue.
PS Good to see a full turn out for a change. Once again thanks for the memories. Tony

Finn Walton [20:22]
It was my first hike as it was for 3 of my 4 team mates. Just wanted to say that we all thought it was superbly organised with nothing forgotten or left to chance, from registration and kit check to the start and then at each individual checkpoint. All volunteers were superb, their enthusiasm and refreshments kept us going even when my legs definitely didn't want to. I will definitely be back (if I can get a place!). Thanks to all and well done.

Nicola Warner [17:22]
This was my first Longmynd hike. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The organisation and enthusiasm of the supporters was amazing. Everyone was helpful and encouraging, and I really enjoyed the team working within our group overnight. I do hope to come back next year.

Kathy Counsell [21:47]
Thank you for an excellent hike experience, the effort that had gone into making the checkpoints special for the 50th anniversary was wonderful and it was great to have mugs/ clothing on sale. The marshals was a real help as always, especially Laura who really helped on the way up Corndon Hill and the marshals who realised how tired we were and understood that we needed our water fetched for us!

There were a few things that I would like to highlight though that might make the hike a better experience in future years. When we finished (exhausted), there were no free chairs in the hall as the presentation for the winners was about to start and it was full of friends and family. We were disappointed by this as we had been walking for over 21 hours and needed a sit down! Then when the presentation started, I had no choice but to sit and be part of it even though my legs were cramping and spasming and the last thing I felt like doing was to clap runners who'd had a good night sleep.

On the same lines, a walker next to us had to share his breakfast with his fellow walker as the kitchen had stopped serving for the presentation. Other walkers who had been out for 20 plus hours were queuing for breakfast when the hatch was closed on them. It felt very much that the runners/ winners were given precedence over the walkers and the efforts of those who had walked through the night and their needs were overlooked.

May I suggest that the presentations be held separately from walkers who are just finishing so the kitchen can keep serving and they can get the food and rest they deserve after walking through the night, instead of having to applaud the winners.

Something I have always wondered, is that the hike is always very strict on the kit carried but it seems that a blind eye is turned to the runners who come in with everything in a box, then put it in their boot and run with a tiny pack? (We do undertake spot checks of kit en-route to try to prevent this happening - the Webmaster)

Jamie Roberts [14:08]
Always a wonderful event and can never thank organisers and all those incredibly fantastic people who volunteer and in what ever way, shape or form to support and make the event as special as it is. Incredible local support too from everyone whether their involved in the event or not. Big thanks to you all

Jon Oliver [10:17]
Another fantastic event. Congratulations on your 50th birthday and long may it continue! My only concern was the red light at minton. I hear that a few people missed it as it had timed out and as a result failed to self clip?. Great checkpoints yet again see you all next year!


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