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Monday, 14 June 2010 19:33

General Statement

The Longmynd Hike as an entity is referred to as The Hike for the rest of this page. Where we talk about the organisation of, or staging of, a hike in a given year we refer to it as the event.

The Hike is organised by 2nd Longmynd Scout Group under the auspices of The Longmynd Hike Committee. The committee's address being that of its current chairman: 21 Central Avenue, Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 6EE.

The Hike's declared basis for processing personal data, as defined in GDPR, is Legitimate Interest: The Hike is organising an event which you have entered or wish to enter, so The Hike has Legitimate Interest in processing your data, which you supply, to put on that event.


Our website, cookies and our systems

When you browse The Hike website details of your IP address, operating system, browser and which website referred you to ours are logged. This is standard stuff, all hosts do it and The Hike's Webmaster is able to access to the logs. We don't look at the logs unless someone reports a problem with the functioning of website as then the logs may help us in tracking down the cause. We also create a number of cookies, these are the minimum number required to manage your visit to the website and to allow you to enter (and pay for) the event, or to join the reserve list.

When you enter the event the details you put into the registration pages are stored on the Hike's servers. The entries secretary will download the details to their PC when they processes your entry and these will be replicated on a backup PC.

If you go on the reserve list the details you keyed in on the reserve list page are stored on the servers used by The Hike itself. The details are not transferred anywhere else.

When you pay for your entry your card details are protected by the strong security methods employed by the financial gateway that we use. The Hike never sees or handles your card details, we only receive confirmation from the financial gateway that the entry fee has been paid for particular entries.

This site uses cookies only to enable components of the off-the-shelf content management system and payment system to work. We don't use cookies to track where you have come from or where you go to, nor to record how many visits you pay to this site or how you move around within the site, nor for any other purpose not directly related to displaying the pages you need to find out about The Hike or to enter the event.

If you do not wish to accept delivery of these cookies we politely ask you not to use this website.


Privacy Policy

The Hike stores and uses your details purely for the administration and operation of the event. This may include certain details being passed on to a limited number of trusted third parties purely for the operation and administration of the event. These are currently:

  • FellTrack (, to provide online tracking for the the event. First name, last name and hike/bib number are passed on.
  • RAYNET (, who provide radio communications to enable the event to operate. First name, last name and hike/bib number are passed on.
  • The mobile medical emergency team, who provide emergency medical cover for the duration of the event, receive a printed list. Only details of entrants who advised us in advance of a medical condition and who are allocated a hike/bib number on the Saturday of the event go on the list; first name, last name, hike/bib number and medical condition details are passed on.



The Hike will use your details in the following ways:

  • To manage your entry and to email you with relevant information which you will need prior to the event.
  • To contact you by email and/or by phone in the unlikely event of The Hike having to cancel the event.
  • To contact the person you nominate as your emergency contact. This would only be done in the unlikely situation of something untoward happening to you on the event that would require Hike officials to get in touch with that emergency contact.
  • If you advise us of a medical condition you think we should be aware of it will be included on a list provided to our mobile medical emergency team for their use, if necessary, over the event weekend.
  • To print a paper entry form for you to review and sign when registering your arrival at hike HQ prior to the start of the event. If you have advised us of a medical condition the form will state that you have advised us, but it will not contain the actual details.
  • To manage the event over event weekend.
  • To produce a certificate for every starter who gets to the first checkpoint or beyond and in exceptional circumstances to post it to the address you provided.
  • To produce lists of individual finishers, team finishers and trophy winners. The lists will be printed and also published on the website.
  • To advise the press of the results of the event.
  • To contact you after the end of the hike in these circumstances:
    • Arranging the return of lost property to you.
    • To respond to or follow up on queries, issues or complaints arising from the event.
    • If you win a trophy on one year's event we may contact you to arrange or confirm its return to The Hike so it may be presented to the trophy winner on the next year's event.



Publicly Visible Data

During an event your name and hike/bib number will be visible online on FellTrack's website so that your friends and family can watch your progress around the course, officers of The Hike also use FellTrack for administration purposes.

After the event lists of individual finishers, team finishers and trophy winners will be published on The Hike's website, on paper and will be provided to the press. Lists will contain your finishing position, first name, last name, home town and net time, e.g.:

You will be categorised by eligibility for the trophies which may identify which age range you belong to, e.g. being eligible for the Swain Shield trophy indicates you are at least 50 years old.

If you are a Scout or Guide and you win one of the Scout or Guide trophies the Group/Unit/District or equivalent to which you belong will be published.

If you are a member of a team of which sufficient members complete the event your team name, team aggregate time, team members' names and team members' net finishing times will be published.



Data Retention Periods

If you enter the event your data will be retained from the day of entry until the earliest appropriate date from this list, subject to the three overriding clauses at the bottom of this section:

  • Medical details provided for the mobile medical team will be deleted from any database or spreadsheet. The paper list provided to the mobile medical team will be destroyed by shredding and/or burning. Both will be completed within one week of the event concluding.
  • Data you entered on The Hike website which is held on the Hike's servers will be deleted by the end of the calendar year in which the event took place.
  • Data used by Felltrack will be obfuscated on their system by the end of the calendar year in which the event took place.
  • Data you entered on The Hikes website which is then held on the Entries Secretary's laptop or backup laptop will be deleted by the end of the calendar year in which the event took place.
  • Paper entry forms which we print for registration on the day will be burned or shredded by the end of the calendar year in which the event took place.
  • Contact details for trophy winners will be kept until the trophy is returned for the subsequent year's event.


Winners' lists, finishers' lists and team finishers' lists will be kept in perpetuity as these form the historic records of The Hike.

If any problem or issue is raised after the event has concluded that requires the data for one or more entrants and is still unresolved when the appropriate deadline above is reached we will retain the data for just those entrants associated with the issue until resolution is reached. Thereafter it will be deleted within one calendar month of the resolution of the issue.

If you entered the event in the years 2014 to 2017 you will have used Active Events' website as they were our entries and payment provider for those years. Your details will remain on Active's servers for between two and three years after the event. You personally may ask them to obfuscate your data (to make it unreadable) before that by filling in a form which will be available on their website (more details to follow when they tell The Hike where the form actually is).


Photographs and Images

We may take photographs and video during the event weekend either digitally or on traditional film. By entering for the Longmynd Hike you grant us the right in perpetuity to use any images containing your likeness for press articles, on our website and for the historic records of The Hike. We may also use still or video images at future events on posters, display boards and video display screens.


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