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Rules And Conditions Of Entry

(Rules 20-22 are new for 2019 onwards)


1. Entrants must be at least eighteen.

2. The object is to complete the specified fifty mile course, visiting all checkpoints in the correct order within 24 hours, starting at 13:00 hours on the Saturday. No late starting allowed.

3. Each hiker must carry the minimum equipment of:

  • Complete OS maps - no photocopies allowed. Either:
    1:50,000 Landranger Series, sheets 126 and 137.
    1:25,000 Explorer Series, sheets 216, 217 and 241.
    OS Select may be used with the centre being SO403969 and the four corners being:
    NW: SJ300070 NE: SJ500070
    SW: SO300870 SE: SO500870
    Yellow publications Longmynd Hike map parts of 216/217/241
  • Whistle, compass and knowledge of how to use the compass.
  • Torch or LED light with spare batteries to last 12 hours.
  • Wind and waterproof coat with attached hood; full-length wind and waterproof trousers.
  • Warm hat and gloves.
  • Spare sweater and socks.
  • Mug.
  • Sufficient food for the duration of the Hike.
  • Nourishing food (to be used only in an emergency).
  • Approved survival bag or space blanket, large enough to enclose the whole body.
  • Two pieces of high vision reflective material (50mm x 100mm minimum) as required for Rule 8.
  • First Aid Kit containing (minimum): One triangular bandage and one 7.5cm crepe bandage and Elastoplast dressing strip and Gauze dressings and Elastoplast/Micropore tape and scissors.

4. FOOTWEAR. Because of the rough nature of the terrain you are required to wear either hiking boots, specialist/fell-running footwear or multi-terrain footwear - they must have a good non-slip tread. Kit and footwear will be checked before the start and may be checked at any time during the Hike.

5. SHORTS. Shorts may be worn during daylight hours only. Legs must be covered during darkness and when grouped. No denims allowed.

6. Before dark, all hikers will be grouped into groups of at least three. Groups must stay together all night or until a CP Officer authorises them to split up. Bonus time will be given to hikers required to wait at a CP to be grouped from the time at which they state they are ready to leave the checkpoint.

7. Hikers may only retire at a roadside CP. They are required to state that they wish to retire and must surrender their tally. They will be returned to Hike HQ in transport provided by Hike Officials.

8. Hikers must wear and have visible at all times on their front and on their rucksack at the rear, a piece of high vision reflective material (50mm x 100mm minimum) .

9. Hikers must follow the Country Code and keep to official public footpaths. NO SHORTCUTS ACROSS FARMLAND ARE ALLOWED.

10. No bonus time is allowed for refreshments during the Hike.

11. In the case of accident or injury, render assistance as necessary, leave someone with the casualty and notify the nearest CP giving the exact map reference of the incident and the extent of the injury. Bonus time will be allowed as necessary at the discretion of the Hike Officials.

12. At 13:00 on the Sunday, the Hike is officially closed and all responsibilities and services offered by the organisers, e.g. refreshments, use of school buildings and facilities, first aid and rescue services, meals, tallies and certificates will cease. When it becomes obvious that it would be impossible for a Hiker to complete the Hike by this time they will be asked to retire at a convenient (roadside) checkpoint, from where transport will be provided to return them to Hike HQ.

13. No refunds will be give to people who withdraw, of their own accord, prior to the event.

14. Teams must be pre-declared (teams can be created or amended online prior to the last Monday before Hike weekend); teams consist of three to five members. No substitutions on the day allowed. Team members need not finish together, finish times will be aggregated

15. Hikers must retire if:

  • a. They lose their personal tally.
  • b. If, in the opinion of any Hike Official, any Hiker is unfit to continue or may endanger the safety of others if allowed to proceed.

16. Hikers will be disqualified at the Committee's discretion for:

  • a. Not passing through the CPs in the correct order.
  • b. Receiving assistance from any spectator.
  • c. Failing to maintain groups, once formed.

17. The Organisers reserve the right to amend any rule where necessary. You will be notified of any change. The Organisers' decisions are final and no responsibility can be accepted for any accident, injury or mishap, however caused during the event.

18. ENTRIES Last entries are accepted two weeks before the event, providing the entry list is not already full. There are no entries on the day and an overall limit of 650 entries applies.

19. By entering The Hike you confirm acceptance of the event's cancellation policy which will be applied if The Hike has to be cancelled.

20. No dogs are allowed on the Hike excepting assistance dogs. Dogs are also not allowed in the school or on the school grounds

21. Maps and compass must be your primary means of navigation. GPS devices can not be used as a substitute.

22. Each competitor will be issued with, and must wear whilst on the hike,  a FellTrack wristband to enable the Hike (and your family and friends) to easily track your progress. The wristband must be returned to a Hike official when you finish or if you retire. If a FellTrack wrist band is lost, the entrant will be disqualified and charged £5.00 for a replacement.



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